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Post by Waterfall17 on Tue Apr 12, 2016 12:59 am

This is definitely more of an art than a science imo Smile. You have to find what works for you. Hopefully this will be helpful to some!

I copied and pasted, so formatting may be sketchy...

Also, I like the freedom of not having to have a concrete order when I start out with a scene list. Obviously some things are going to be like, yeah, that can't go before THAT, but others aren't so cooperative, so the fluidity is welcome.

Scene/Chapter List (not necessarily in order):

Kara breaks mirror and says she doesn't deserve to have Kalir's face 1500 RF/fleshing
Kara renews drug supply and meets Mikael, who rebukes her 2500/3000 RF/fleshing
Family memory together, Kalir's face and identity shadowed out 1000/1500? none
Kara's first time waking up—panic over Mikael and Kalir 2000 RF nano
Encounter Miaka, water healing, and garden confinement 2000/2500** 10,500 RF/m fleshing; 12% match b
Kara punches, Kalir defends 3000 RF/fleshing nano
First flashback: beginning of day Kalir died, looking out over ice-sea 750/1000 R/fleshing/r nano
Doctor's diagnosis of Kara's affliction; explanation of memory loss ??? partial; none
Anniversary of Kalir's death; in-home grieving 500/1000?? none
Garden revelations and struggle 3000 Partial
—Desire to live rekindled 500…later??! **First plot point?
Agreement to help Nikaiya w/permission 500/700
—Garden explanation to Mikael 300

Kara urges Mikael to pursue happiness; he charges her to do the same 500 RF/fleshing

Imagination games (dunno if in these 4 or if it’ll be 5) none
—Night Flights (adventures reading, quizzing; nightly ritual) 1000/1500
—Exploration (mundane daily adventures using their imaginations) 1000
—Hopes/aspirations; hobbies and talents displayed 1500
—Parental encouragement and involvement in imagination process 2000

Holiday (typical day as a family with friends) 2500/3000

First weekly update after recovery (Kalir is gone) 750/1000

Counseling session(s)
—First counseling session with doctor co-op 750/1000
—Second counseling session: advice and techniques 750
—Other counseling sessions: refusal to talk 1500/2000
—Return: Explains reasoning, explains she wishes for death; high alert 2500

Vows not to make her father cry ever again?? 250

Support Group Attempt success 750
—Friendship grows and complicates 1250
—Friend commits suicide 1500

Mydoria events discussion, Kara’s plan (M+M), and tumult 1000

Hatred and refusal to accept religious boundaries, family ostracized 500/750 none

Kidnapped and taken to undersea lab, refuses to cooperate 750/1000 partial/need to find!

Antag explains purpose and intent 2000

Empathizes with antag, gathers intel, and plots escape 2500 daydreamed
—Tries to show him another way. A better way 750/1000

Removes key from antag, overhears sleeptalking, makes connections 750/1000 daydreamed

Escape, Apology, and Rescue 1500

Second flashback: reluctance and walking out over the ice-sea 750 RF/fix Kalir nano

Kalir's distance discussion 750 RF/m fleshing nano
—Strange question about suffering 700
—Strange question about ancestry 500

Serahn and Kara butt heads, but agree to work together to help Nikaiya?? 500 partial
—Kara confronts Serahn about Mikael 1000

Trial of the spheres 2000/2500** First pinch point? none

Separation in the cave 1000 partial
—impossible possibility 500

Present flashback with Mikael watching in public 1500 RF/fleshing nano

Serahn reminds Kara of Kalir 750 partial

Fourth flashback: Irekarn attacks, Kalir dies; Kara can't hear her 2000 RF nano

Fifth flashback: Kara finally remembers what Kalir said 500

Kara visits Kalir's grave with Serahn in the distance 500

Kara offers Serahn refuge 500 RF

Serahn confronts Kara about tears; rain and vision 3500** Midpoint? partial

Kara struggles to utilize new form and shifting ability 750 none

Kara sees Kalir's body via sphere in the ice-sea; vows to retrieve it 500 daydreamed, none

Third flashback: Mikael in the distance, Kalir visibly upset; terror coming 750 RF/fix Kalir nano

Outbreak of fire and counseling agreement 750/1000 daydreamed

Meeting [name of minor antag] and denying research on Atim's part 1000 daydreamed

Alaknishen, Atim's prodigy, agrees to help Kara as a separate entity 500 partial cannot find!

Researching the curse—outcome seems hopeless 750 none

Kara sees Kalir crying at night in the sphere 350 RF/fleshing nano
*present flashback, so will need to be a sub

Kara overhears Kalir praying 300 daydreamed

Kara, Kalir, and Mikael in the Ember Forest 1500 none

TOTAL: 76,100 words if in full

And then of course there are notes that I've made for myself in places--mostly at the bottom--where I discuss potential idea areas for scenes (like my subplots with Serahn and Mikael, which aren't really given much space). My goal is something like 88,000 words, so I've got plenty of room to play around with

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Scene Lists Empty Re: Scene Lists

Post by Sophie on Tue Jun 14, 2016 2:48 pm

Oh my gosh I can't believe this has gone so long ignored. This is awesome. And daunting. Totally daunting. I've tried to make a scene list like this for so long but I am totally overwhelmed with the list that comes of it that it just feels impossible. I like the way you added word totals to each scene though... and that each scene description is less than a sentence long. This really motivates me to try and make my own scene list!

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Post by Elowen-Astrid on Wed Jun 15, 2016 1:15 am

I can't believe I never really noticed this was here. How did I miss this. But this is amazing and it might be good for me to do something similar. It would be great to have some sort of overview at least. I am a mess when It comes to writing any sort of project.

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Scene Lists Empty Re: Scene Lists

Post by Call Me Nefret on Sun Jun 19, 2016 12:13 am

That sounds like an awesome idea, but I never know how long a scene is going to take. I've blown through scenes I thought would take while while other scenes magically extend for far longer than I thought.
Call Me Nefret
Call Me Nefret

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Post by AGradine on Thu Jun 23, 2016 3:51 am

Spent some time today looking at published D&D adventures and taking a look at what my adventure's table of contents would look like. I expect to require some updates as I actually get started, but here's what I've got so far.

    Running the Adventure
    Adventure Hooks
Chapter 1: Deepwatch Inn
    The Deepwatch Inn
    The Gatherer’s Cave
Chapter 2: Berg
    Town Description   
Encounters in Berg
    Important NPCs
    Thread Summaries
Chapter 3: North Surin Valley
    Travel in the Valley
    Encounters in the Valley
    Wolf Clan Camp
    The Shuttered Door
    Poacher Camp
    Simone, Travelling Merchant
Chapter 4: The Fortress of Bazarax - Main Keep
    General Features
    Keyed Encounters
Chapter 5: The Ruined City of Surin

    Origin of the Onvoi
    The Rat Lord’s Redoubt
    General Features
    Keyed Encounters
Chapter 6: The Fleshweaver’s Trail
    The Inverted Tower
        General Features
        Keyed Encounters
    The Rabax Mine
        General Features
        Keyed Encounters
    The Fortress Basement
        General Features
        Keyed Encounters
Appendix A: Backgrounds
Appendix B: Magic Items
Appendix C: Creatures


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Scene Lists Empty Re: Scene Lists

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